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​​Breakthrough your roadblocks. Grow your business. Live your dreams.

​My private mastermind group is full of smart ​thought leaders, business experts, a​s well as​entrepreneurs helping each other solve their biggest business challenges.

​Jose and his business have been featured in:

Why Choose ​This Mastermind Group?

​Join our trusted global community of A-class players​, so you can grow...

​A lot of our members have successful businesses, and still get value out of fast and high impact communication with other successful startup founders. Some are the CXOs, MDs, and VPs of growing companies, who are powering their businesses both online and offline. Need an introduction to a company you want to pitch? We have friends who can help.

​Gain access to exclusive content & live coaching, so you can take action...

​With special guest experts, private group coaching, and exclusive training, you’ll have access to game-changing, exclusive resources to help you grow your business on your own time, at your own pace. Bring all your questions, and take lots of notes – You’ll have access to immense brainpower, ready to answer your questions and grow your business in our twice-weekly live coaching sessions.

​Amazing things happen when...

Great minds focus ​on solving a problem. ​What you may not realize is the problem you are struggling with right now, has already been solved by someone. So rather than bang your head against the wall, why not get access to a group of people who can help you solve it? If you want the accountability and support of a smart, experienced group of ​highly-connected members at your disposal, I suggest you join. See you inside.

What Our ​Members Are Saying:

100% totally worth it! ​Jose is a unique professional and above all an excellent human being who has the ability and willingness to help those who are willing to learn and improve. He's not only a guru, he's the man you need to be talking to!

​Arun Govind​ - C​OO, AMH

​It was an eye opener to work with Jose. We ​realized all the mistakes that we were committing while presenting our ​company to potential investors. It’s very difficult to accept ​your mistakes and correct them. But I guess the way Jose explained it, made it easier for us to digest​.

Joseph Sebastian​ - ​Founder, Utilidad

​Enjoy the group or
your money back!

​If you aren’t happy with the group, you are welcome to request a full refund within 30 days.

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